January 19, 2022 : 06:35 pm

The Weston Elderly Housing Committee proposes to renovate the Old Library by building up to nine affordable Brook School Apartments to address several pressing Weston needs.

Why The Old Library Should be Converted to Elderly Housing.

The Fastest Route To Badly Needed Elderly Housing

The Lowest Cost, Lowest Impact Use Of The Facility For The Town

   •   The fastest growing segment in Weston is residents who are 65 and older - 2,000 now, 3,000 by 2030.
   •   Brook School waiting period two years and growing.
   •   In 2030 Weston will need more than 220 units: Just to keep pace, No reduction in wait list = 7 per year.

   •   Revitalizes important currently under-used section of Town.
   •   Removes responsibility for the building from the Town forever & provides income through PILOT.
Use as elderly housing is the best fit for the financial goals of the Town (2014 Town Survey):
Survey Question -  Do you want to:
Fraction of Responses:
Essential/Very Important
Continue OL Town Ownership
Minimize Upfront Costs
Minimize Continuing Costs
Have OL Public Access
Minimize Parking & Traffic Impact
Conversion to housing is YES for all 5 of these concerns.
OL 9 unit conversion requires only $1.3M of CPA funds, HALF of that of other proposals.
Total cost to the Town over 20 years is $3M less than other proposals with NO RISK.
ALL remaining conversion, operational and long term maintenance costs covered by rents.
   •  Weston needs more elderly housing NOW and conversion is a quick and cost effective way to get started.
   •  Conversion just makes sense – the building is in the right place for residents and is an easy make-over.
   •  The conversion and operation is very low risk - The EHC has:
            35 years of experience and flawless record
            Has developed the largest number of elderly housing units in Town History

The Elderly Housing Committee commisioned a feasabilty study by TBA Architects in August of 2014 which analyzed the structue, evaluated septic requirements, produced cost estimates and generated conceptual drawings. This study concluded 9 apartments could be created at a cost of from $250-$300k per unit. For a complete set of the conceptual drawings click here.
CrossSection BasementPlanBasement
Main Floor


Weston MA Population Growth Forecast

Weston Population Projection

Population and Housing Demand Projections for Weston - January 2014

source: MAPC-Metropolitan Planning Council

Old Library - Brook School Annex - Full 50 page Statement of Interest
Statement of Interest for the JST/OL Working Group

2011: Weston Housing Parnership Priorities & Criteria Draft